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Close Protection Services
Our professional bodyguards are accustomed to working with high-profile individuals and families who have fast-paced, demanding lifestyles. We provide clients with highly professional protection teams, all of our close protection officers are trained to the highest level in a wide and varied range of tactical, protective and security related duties that include personal protection, first aid, protocol and diplomacy.
Whilst maintaining a very high standard in service and providing a professional approach on all low profile/high end CP tasks, we thrive on the continual development of commissioning the right teams for the right environment whatever the risk/threat level. The World is becoming an ever more volatile place, with more and more people becoming security conscious than ever and hiring bodyguards for their personal protection. This eases the burden of stress from potential threats of theft, physical attack and even kidnap. We also understand that every person and situation requires different security measures and systems to prevent such attacks. We treat all client information given to us extremely confidential and sensitive. Working in the public eye we understand our CPO’s must be a credit to you the client and to ourselves with their alertness, appearance, courtesy, discretion and intelligence.
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